Welcome to APLO

Melbourne’s premier designers and manufacturers of custom architectural steel windows and doors.

Why use steel?

The use of steel allows for endless possibilities in design and creativity, whilst maintaining sleek minimalistic lines and unparalleled strength. Our steel creations combine functionality and durability, with unrivalled beauty and class, to produce a finished product that will provide a stunning and unique edge to your home.

What makes APLO special?

Established in 1989, APLO is committed to providing the highest quality product, backed by exceptional service. We design and manufacture all our products locally, using a modern system designed by us and entirely exclusive to APLO. We use only the finest quality steel sourced from Australian suppliers, and every product we craft is a one of a kind, giving your project ultimate exclusivity and visual impact.

Our goal is to deliver an outstanding product; from a standard steel window to a stunning architecturally designed feature door or window. We are driven to meet any design challenge, and welcome the opportunity to bring your design concept to life, or use our expertise to assist you in creating an aesthetically stunning design, uniquely yours.